St. George's School for Boys

I have had the privilege to photograph various projects and events for St. George's School for Boys in Vancouver over the last five years. My favourite of which is the annual multi-day shoot for their website and collateral materials that happens each fall. The boys are always polite, respectful and quick to loosen up in front of my camera but no matter how much fun we are having they ALWAYS call me Ma'am...who the hell are they are talking to?

Wild Goose Vineyards

I was hired to photograph the Wild Goose Vineyards and the family that founded them and still run them today in Okanagan Falls. It was a beautiful and flavourful shoot...if I could only find a way to ensure that wine is a part of every photography gig I do moving forward I would be a very happy girl. It was an honour to work with Adolf Kruger, his family and to experience the harvest first hand.